Long time no writing. I am a bit confused recently. Yes… Finally my graduation is coming. 24th Jan 2018 will be my graduation day. Happy? Yes! D-Day that i am waiting long long ago finally coming!




I am afraid


Because, after graduate, I have to find a job. And I know that there are many job seeker and there is a few of job vacancies 😦

Can I get a job?

Beside job, I want to get married soon. But I don’t know when will that coming. But, I am sure my prince will coming. And I don’t want to fall in love with the wrong man again. Like what I did last. He is the worst in my life. OK,, STOP!


2018 is a new year. A new year for making new step in my life. I hope I can achieve all my wish and goal. I will post a pic when I graduation 🙂